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Why You Need To Upgrade Your In-Store WI-FI For Furniture Retailing In 2017

Customers expect a seamless experience when shopping in your store. These days that means that offering a Wi-Fi connection is a necessity. Indeed, Wi-Fi is one of the easiest services retailers can offer to ensure a positive shopping experience for their customers.

According to research conducted by JWire, about 80 percent of customers feel that an in-store Wi-Fi connection would influence their purchase decisions. In other words, customers would be more willing to purchase from a store that provides a Wi-Fi connection.

The Top Five Excuses Why Retailers Don't Integrate Technology Solutions To Grow Their Business

I have been working in the home furnishings industry for over two decades developing technological solutions for retailers to help them more efficiently manage their business, and make more money doing it. My journey has lead me to develop inventory software solutions, creating databases, Home Furnishing Software, POS Furniture Software, and reengineering of software with extended features and support.

The Future of Analytics for Retail Stores To Help You Do More Business Cost Effectively. How Technology Can Save You Time & Make You Money Now

Today, brick and mortar retailers are experiencing immense pressure. This isn’t only due to the sharp increase in online sales, but also because of the increase in consumers who prefer to purchase through their mobile devices while actually present in physical stores. These reasons along with the sharp rise in competition by online-only businesses such as Amazon have really impacted retail sales.


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