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Turners has 5 locations in Georgia: Leesburg, (2) Tifton, Valdosta & Thomasville

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"We have been using iConnect for business intelligence solutions for over 4 years and have found the business intelligence reports a huge benefit for us in the following areas:

  • Perfect 10 report
  • Monthly & Yearly Sales data reports
  • Bedding & Series reports
  • Score Cards
  • Bonus Due reports

With the use of multiple databases, partnering with iConnect has saved our team countless hours and has eliminated any errors that may have occurred with a manual reporting process.  

iConnect has been able to take our vision for reports and make them a reality by finding ways to pull the necessary data into easy to read reports. 

Our team loves the iConnect reporting and our Store Managers are able to focus their time on the customer experience rather than spending time pulling multiple reports.

We rely on the custom reporting they created for us every day; they are very reliable and affordable".

Melanie Stephens, COO
Turner Furniture Holding Company

This is from BPEC an AFHS Licensee with 4 stores in Corpus Christi, Cuero, Yoakum & Voctoria Texas

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"We have been using iConnect for all of our business intelligence, traffic counting, and server solutions for the past 2 years and have found that iConnect has tremendously assisted in streamlining all my IT, Point of Sale, Delivery Logistics  & CSM elements into a single, powerful, and customizable ​interface specific to my organization. 

The ready to go BI reporting has saved my leadership team countless man hours running redundant reports and formatting excel spreadsheets, which has allowed us to allocate that time to dive deep into the data, analyzing it so we can easily identify the missed opportunities and quickly improve up on them which in turn will provide all our customers with the buying experience they not only want, but demand .  Just a few of the key features that our entire team utilizes on a daily basis that are vital in our daily operations are the…

  • Individual and Group Salesperson Metrics
  • Single and Multiple Store Performance Indexes  
  • Bedding and bedding accessory attachment rates
  • Guest Experience and Customer Service Accountability Reporting
  • Accounting & General Ledger Reports.

Our current ERP is antiquated and does not offer in-depth and detailed business intelligence.  iConnect has harnessed our data, transformed it into a user friendly environment, and has the ability to generate a multitude of reports into a single format.  This has allowed me to continue with our ERP system that the entire team is familiar and comfortable with while providing us access to  business intelligence that you would get with other high dollar ERP solution providers, but at a fraction of the cost.  

The iConnect team and the products / services they provide have drastically improved my processes, increased our efficiency, and ultimately helping to grow our bottom line.  iConnect’s intelligence portal is a key element to my business’s success and I highly recommend them to all retailers that are seeking to become better each and every day".  

Ben Streiff
Owner Ashley HomeStores
Corpus Christi & Victoria Texas